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AI in leadership: the rise of AI CEOs
At Dictador, innovation and forward-thinking are at the core of our brand's philosophy. Our AI humanoid CEO, Mika, continues to capture global attention with her unique approach to leadership and decision-making.
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What Media says

"A 1976 vintage Dictador in a Lalique decanter also become one of the most expensive bottles of rum sold at auction after fetching £30,000 during a Sotheby's sale." The spirits business
"Dictador: One Of The Most Esteemed Rum Producers Of This Time." Forbes
"Mika, the robot CEO is leading the company's growth into investment collectibles, communication or even strategy planning." Reuters
"Purchase a bottle of rum that transcends as a work of art." Robb Report

Amazon Reviews

“I purchased this rum after trying it in a restaurant. It is truly excellent both in terms of quality, flavour, and the aromas it releases (it is understood that when I tried it in the restaurant the water served it in a heated glass so that by pouring the rum it released all its aromas). Having said that, I recommend it, especially trying it with a heated glass, which becomes a completely different matter.”
Author : Amazon Client Date: 01.01.2024
“Since I come from a sweet rum background, I first thought that this wasn't a rum for me.. then I drank it at a friend's house and had to have it myself :-).... 's dry. no added sugar, but it's so smooth...and that coffee note really great... a clear recommendation... you should try this rum on your taste journey."
Author : kai diekmann Date: 10.01.2024
Considering the age, very good value for money! Not only is the content and taste right, but also the look. But be careful 1. Not for as-sweet-a-possible rum lovers, but the rum hides a great, slightly bitter taste experience combined with a slight sweetness: 2. I find that the rum varies sightly from bottle to bottle, but I have never been disappointed.
Author : Badenerimosten Date: 21.06.2022

Key Figures

Over 110 YEARS of heritage
first ever
The World's FIRST EVER AI Humanoid Robot CEO FEW BILLION $
THE LARGEST stock of the investment-grade rum globally
stock of the investment-grade rum worth A FEW BILLION $
M-CITY Golden Cities-the first ONE-BILLION $ limited edition
Rums aged over 100 years
The Dictador Generations En Lalique bottle - THE HIGHEST VALUE (£30,000) ever achieved for a rum during a SOTHEBY'S AUCTION
Over 100 MARKETS worldwide

dictador who are we

Rebels against the ordinary, a fusion of Investment Grade Dictador Rums and Contemporary Art, empowered by the Digital Age.
Built on our heritage of the world’s largest stock of investment grade rum, we have an appreciation of the past, but we are driven to positively impact the future. Dictador's commitment to revolutionizing the industry with AI and cutting-edge technology is unwavering. Our goal is to create entirely new, non-existent categories of artistic, collector, and investment products.
We offer a new service for storing collectible and investment-grade spirits, providing customers with safes equipped with lighting, electronic security systems, access control, and camera systems. Additionally, we offer an encryption system enabling encrypted online access to video feeds of their products and secure rooms for product valuation and transaction execution needs. This innovative service, utilizing advanced technologies, guarantees the security of storing investment-grade spirits.